About us

VamosVentures is an LA-based VC fund that provides capital and partnership to Latinx and diverse teams solving real problems through scalable, tech-driven companies. We primarily invest in Health & Wellness, Future of Work, FinTech, and Sustainability startups because we see pronounced opportunity for both returns and societal impact in these markets.

We believe innovation can come from anywhere and anyone; and we are at the tipping point of the golden age of entrepreneurial expression of diverse tech founders.

We are investors first.
We seek market rate financial returns.

But we are more than that.

Our beliefs


We know capital and technology leads to wealth creation, social mobility, community empowerment and self-determination.


We are part of the communities we invest in, sons and daughters of immigrants who have lived the experience.


We know there is a role for our fund, and our team, beyond investing; a role of representation, advocacy and speaking truth to power. 


We know being a founder is not easy. We’ve been there. We strive to ‘see’ you and support you in a variety of ways on your journey.

Investing in the power of Latinx talent

While we do invest in all kinds of diverse teams, the focus of the fund is Latinx. This large, young, high-growth, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial Latinx demographic is where we have unique insight and access.

Only ~2% of VC dollars invested go to Latinx founders, but we believe in the increasing entrepreneurial and economic power of the Latinx community.

Investment Focus Areas

We are investing in 4 key areas that present massive market + impact opportunities